Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quick Dino Character Design done in the app. Inkpad on my iPad.

It's a cool vector based drawing program with very intuitive drawing tools and unlimited layers!!! I love it! I hope to do something a little better when I have a little more time to spend on it, but this big guy will have to do for tonight!


  1. That is amazing John. Have no idea how you do that. I draw on my Imac with CS5. How do you do that, don't know what an IPad is.

  2. Thanks Naquaiya, the iPad is a tablet computer put out by apple. It has a touch screen interface and has some really good apps. For drawing and painting. I use a drawing stylus with it. They don't have pressure sensitivity yet but the software people are working on that! When they get the pressure sensitive part down it will be an awesome creative tool! It's a pretty good tool even without it though!

  3. Awesome man, congratulations. :D